Applicants can be any person being either a citizen of any of the member states of the European Union or a citizen of any member state being part to the European Economic Area Agreement, or a citizen of Switzerland, or be in a position to establish having been a fiscal resident in the last five years at least of any of the European Union member states, or of any other state being part to the European Economic Area Agreement, or of Switzerland. Applicants will write a letter of intent explaining the reasons why they wish to compete for the Maurice Allais Prize.

Works submitted may take the form of:

  • one or several chapters of a book, containing the exposition of some scientific contribution;
  • or an article published during the last past ten years or during the current year, or not yet published but officially accepted in a journal or in the series of a major internationally recognized research institution.

Except if the Jury rules differently on special grounds, the work should comprise at least 20 000 signs.

Writings in French or in English will be accepted, under condition in the latter case of being endowed with an extended summary in French language.

A chapter of a book or an article already submitted to a preceding session in view of the Maurice Allais Prize may not be submitted anew, but the author may be again a candidate to the Prize if submitting a different piece of research, distinct from the one previously submitted.

In case of a co-authored work or article, the Prize may only be awarded to all of the co-authors and is then equally shared by the latter. This implies that each of the co-authors meets the eligibility conditions to the prize. A submission file may be presented by one of the co-authors, who should then provide evidence that his co-authors meet all the eligibility conditions.

In accepting the Prize, laureates commit to participate as much as possible to the actions of communication and awareness heightening aimed at promoting the Maurice Allais’ Prize, in particular by making mention of their award in their public talks. They commit at the same time to favor and help research undertaken in the Maurice Allais’ spirit as protractions of his scientific contributions.