Main Initiatives

The main current activities of the Maurice Allais Foundation are as follows:

Maurice Allais Economics Prize

The Maurice Allais Foundation has established a Maurice Allais Economics Prize, which was awarded for the first time on 31st May 2013, and will henceforth be awarded every two years (See Maurice Allais Prize).

Programme of translating into English the major works of Maurice Allais

In order to disseminate Maurice Allais’s works as widely as possible, the Foundation has embarked on the project of having his major writings translated into English, starting with the 1947 study Economy and Interest. The University of Chicago Press has expressed interest in publishing it.

Organization of symposia

The Maurice Allais Foundation has decided to organize regular meetings between researchers and high level economic decision-makers in charge of public policy or of private enterprise in order to provide fuller information to all concerned about the course and the future of our economic and social world.

The first of these meetings took place at the end of May 2014.

Support of Physics experimentation which builds on Maurice Allais’s research work

The Maurice Allais Foundation has decided to lend its support to experimental research involving pendulums drawing on Allais’s own experiments and which has detected anomalies parallel to those noted by him. For example the Foundation is contributing to the construction by Professor Dimitrie Olenici, of the University of Suceava in Romania of a laboratory intended for such experiments.