A compter du 15 septembre 2023, la Fondation Maurice Allais change de statut et est dénommée Fondation Maurice Allais sous égide de la Fondation Mines Paris

As of September 15, 2023, the Maurice Allais Foundation will change its statute and will be known as the Maurice Allais Foundation under the aegis of the Mines Paris Foundation

The aim of the foundation

Under the terms of the agreement reached by the Founder with the ParisTech Foundation, the Maurice Allais Foundation’s aim is to spread awareness of the work of Maurice Allais in all its diversity and to encourage the national and international influence of his writings, in fidelity to the spirit of his scientific approach.

Thus it will support the diffusion of his ideas and the development of research projects conducted along the lines he set out and which respect his scientific methodology, based on the constant comparison of theories with empirical evidence.