A compter du 15 septembre 2023, la Fondation Maurice Allais change de statut et est dénommée Fondation Maurice Allais sous égide de la Fondation Mines Paris

As of September 15, 2023, the Maurice Allais Foundation will change its statute and will be known as the Maurice Allais Foundation under the aegis of the Mines Paris Foundation


Should you wish to support the Maurice Allais Foundation, your contribution will be deeply appreciated whatever its size.

Donations to the Maurice Allais Foundation benefit from all the tax advantages associated with gifts to foundations officially recognized in France as being of public utility.

You will be sent a tax receipt when your donation is received.


  • Income Tax (IRPP):
    The French tax regime allows 66 % of the amount of the donation to be deducted from income tax, subject to a ceiling of 20% of taxable income (article 200 of the French Code Général des Impôts).
  • Solidarity Tax on Wealth (ISF):
    Article 885-0 V bis A of the French Code Général des Impôts entitles those who are lieable to this tax to count towards their contribution, subject to an annual ceiling of 50 000 euros, 75 % of total donations made in favour of foundations officially recognized as being of public utility.


The French tax régime for sponsors allows companies subject to income tax or to corporate tax to benefit from tax relief equal to 60 % of the total amount of donations made, subject to a ceiling of 5 ‰ of annual turnover (article 238 bis of the French Code Général des Impôts).

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Please send your donation to the Maurice Allais Foundation, for the attention of Mme Christine Allais, Founder, to the following address, by cheque payable to the Fondation Maurice Allais :

Fondation Maurice ALLAIS
sous égide de la Fondation Mines Paris
60, boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 PARIS

Please print out and enclose the confirmation e-mail which you will be sent on submitting your donation pledge.